Wix Atlas adress autocomplete api??

Hi Guys i had an email a few weeks ago off wix to say that my google address auto complete will be automatically exchanged over to Wix’s own dedicated atlas address auto complete on May 10th, so I’ve just had a quick look to see if it’s taken effect yet but it seems nothings changed! Do i need to do anythin my end? thanks in advance

Your API key won’t be used anymore. Hence, you don’t need to pay for this anymore

You have nothing to do. Don’t worry

Hi thanks for reaching back, i tried previewing the address input element with the address auto complete, and no address was appearing doing a random search! As it actually been rolled out yet or not?

Same question.
AddressInput and GoogleMaps not changed.
As it actually been rolled out yet or not?

Hi buddy i got mine working in the live site, it doesn’t work in preview mode

sorry but even live it doesn’t work.
how does the addressinput1 link with Googlemaps1 ? Wix Code ?