Wix Automation for Wix Code Triggers

Imagine the power if you could choose Triggers that was connected to Wix Code. I have some serious wishes that would make me go wild.

  1. Executes a function
    The functions that get listed here as options after choosing Executes a function are all functions that take in the parameter userId and starts with trigger in the name.
export function trigger_storeProduct(userId) {
  // Code here
  1. Make a backend file to support Triggers
    Just like the http-functions.js we should have a file called trigger-functions.js and in that file we can create and work with code that will work as triggers.

Imagine the power this could have on your site and application Automation if you could have your mini Zapier inside Wix Code.

It’s a bit like WordPress Hooks but here you can create your own and the sites owner can use your triggers that you coded in the graphical UI as a non code. That’s the power of Wix!


Hi Andreas,
I’m the product manager responsible for Automations here at Wix.

We are currently adding a Wix Code trigger to the Automations app, and it is almost ready to roll out. The trigger will fire each time a visitor submits a Wix Code form (so it is limited at this point to form submission collections). It will also allow you to sync the form with Wix CRM, adding contact details to the Contact list.

It’s not letting you freely use webhooks the way you’ve mentioned, but it’s a start.

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Hi Gil, I don’t know if you’re still adding to this feature, but my clients will be including birthdays as part of their registration. I would really love to be able to have automation to send out birthday emails. Periodic follow ups, 3 months following a session, for example, would be really valuable as well. Any chance that this might be possible? With or without code, either way would be great.

I had this working but now I see that instead of Form Name you have a list of choices, none of which is Corvid by Wix, which is listed in the more info at link: https://support.wix.com/en/article/apps-compatible-with-wix-automations

How can I get this working again?

Was this rolled out? I have manually created a Corvid form but do not see any Corvid trigger in Automation

In the Automation… when selecting Trigger use “Wix Data Forms”. Worked for me!