New feature: Wix Automations and Integration with Zapier

What is Wix Automations?

Wix Automations provides the tools to automate your business process. Every automation consists of three parts:

Trigger : The event that triggers the automation.
Action : The predetermined response to that trigger.
Timing : When the automation is sent.

You can send personalized messages when a visitor performs a specific action on your site. For example, when a visitor abandoned the cart in your online store you can send an automatic reminder email 24 hours afterward.

You can find Automations under customer management tools in your dashboard.

Wix Automations is now integrated with Zapier!

Zapier allows you to connect your Wix Automations to more than 100 apps such as Slack, Google Docs, or your Gmail account. Using a Zapier action, users can now integrate any trigger from Wix Automation to any action on Zapier.

For example, when a visitor submits a form, I want to add a new record with the submission info on my Google Spreadsheet doc. Or, I want to integrate any store purchase to my external inventory management system.

Here’s how

Set up your Wix Automation

  1. Go to the Automations Dashboard.

  2. Click + New Automation.

  3. Click the title to give your automation a name.

  4. Select a trigger.

  5. Click Connect to Third-Party Apps.

  6. Choose a time for your automation.

  7. Click Activate.
    Then set up your Zapier account

  8. Log in to your Zapier account.

  9. Click Make a Zap!.

  10. Search for “Wix Automations” under Choose a Trigger App.

  11. Select Wix Automations.

  12. Click Save + Continue.

  13. Click Connect an Account and select your Wix site.

  14. Click Allow and Install.

  15. Click Save + Continue.

  16. Select the automation you want to connect to Zapier.

  17. Click Continue.
    And your Automation is integrated with Zapier!
    ** The feature is currently open to all EN users. We will expand to all languages soon.*

It’s just a shame that a trigger can’t be a new database row…this would become very powerful then.


This a new feature and will certainly be enhanced over time. Feel free to post a Feature Request and have your voice heard.

Unfortunately though, Wix Automations don’t actually work with Zapier, at least not for your customers. I’m on the Premium Business subscription and the data file that connects from Wix to Zapier has nearly no data items in it; its especially missing the all important email field. This goes for Automation A and B.

This makes it utterly useless, since theres no data to do anything with.

Wix support have no clue what to do and eventually started to ignore my emails on the subject. VIP support it is most certainly not. Even when they were responding the email replies were spaced multiple days apart.

Let is know when you have it working.


Original thread which was universally ignored:

I’m facing the same issue. Zapier just doesn’t seem to bring in any data from Wix


Im having the same issue. Have contacted both Wix and Zapier about the issue and it’s apparently been escalated but haven’t had any update yet. Just changed the whole website over to WIX forms to use with zapier to send leads to CRM and now going to have to use a third part again because it simply dosent work at all!


Frustratingly this seemed to be working fine up until a few days ago when Zapier stopped receiving any information from WIX forms… support haven’t been helpful at all, just telling me that i’ll be alerted of updates (there has been none). The issue is that our company is now having to manually input leads into our CRM and can’t continue doing that for much longer, especially when theres no ETA on a fix…

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Hi Tankia. I managed to get it working with some difficultly. Here are the key notes

  1. Zapier doesn’t show the preview of Wix Data. However, the real data will actually get sent across when the ‘Zap’ is live. The testing also just shows the wrong data, but it will actually work. We just had to set the ‘Zap’ live and then test it with real data.

  2. If you change the Wix Form, then you need to recreate the Wix Automation. We added a few new fields to the Wix Form, which causes the whole thing to break. However, if I created a completed new Wix Automation then linked this to Zapier, it seemed work.

Hope that helps!


Hi Mark, thanks a lot for the reply, I got ours working with the same method!

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@markcollins Thanks guys this really came in handy! Great feature, complex integration though.

@markcollins Hi Mark, wondering if you are having issues since they have updated the bug? I cannot actually keep my Zap on when updating my automations? If you find a work around let me know!

@tanika Hello! Our workflow seems to still be ok. I haven’t touched it in a while and it seems ok. I’ll let you know if I see something!

Great idea! Unfortunately the Zap only works once before the connection is broken. Further Zaps result in an Error 403 and no data flows after the first. Zapier says that the connection is expired and you have to reconnect the account.

Are you on the Forever Free account?


Tessa is right! Mine does it but I am on a paid plan! I am currently working on a way to circumvent this issue by using other forms of automation.

Which field are you using to get the email data passed through? Is it Only customer fields I see are Name or ID. Thanks in advance for any help! could possibly trigger your zapier webhook to get all data from the form

The only feature I see beneficial would be if Zappier can send triggers to Wix, instead of wix triggering Zappier… example. If someone is on Facebook and sends their email address through messenger, I want to have Zappier send that email to my wix automation to send the new client a welcome email.