#Wix-Blog: Disabling automatic e-mail about new comments

Commenters to a given blog-post of mine are automatically notified by e-mail when others are commenting on the same post. This annoys my commenters and many are complaining rather strongly…
How do I disable this annoying “feature”?
Many thanks!

Hi Mier,

If your site has Members Area installed they can disable this notification within their profile.

I have demonstrated below

Well dear @randya , we don’t have the Members Area installed, since the Blog application provides a built-in “Subscribers” feature with the usual “Sign-Up/Sign-In” choice and a form to enter the e-mail and password. But that feature have none of the attributes-settings choices visible in your screenshot. (I don’t provide a screenshot since my blog posts are in Hebrew, not a widely understood language…) I’ll look into the Members Area add-on though.

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Let us know if this works for you. We are here. :slight_smile: