Wix Bookings | External Book Now URL or Integrate Jitsi or Google Meet.

Is it possible to integrate another platform like Jitsi or Google Meet to Bookings? Or else, can you make the Book now button redirect you to a custom external URL?
Best regards.

Hi @proyectos ,

You can only do that with your own booking web app.

Thanks for answering me, you mean that there is no way through Velo to change the “Book Now” button to an external URL?
The problem I have with my client is that he needs to have two videoconferences or more at the same time, and Zoom does not allow that, that is why I look for creative alternatives to solve this.
Thanks again.

@proyectos Yes, you can’t use Wix Bookings in this scenario, you’ll need to build your own app and connect Google or Zoom APIs to your site.