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Is there anyway on Wix Bookings Checkout to offer a payment plan to the customer?

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Hi Sheyla, Ireen from Bookings :slight_smile: can you please tag me in the technical talk? would love to help

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Hi @sheyla can you please elaborate a bit more about what you mean by “payment plan”? feel free to DM me :slight_smile:

@ireenh Hi Ireen. My client allows their students to pay portions of their workshop at a time. Perhaps a deposit and then 1 or 2 payments until paid in full. Right now she is using two different services to do this. We were hoping she could do this all in one place, like Wix, so she can have all the info/payments logged in one place (backend, with reports, etc.). I read that people can make deposits in Wix bookings, but would have to pay the rest in person. Is there anyway to set it up so they can pay the payments online with Wix Bookings? Thank you for your help in this.

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@simplyimpressive Hi :slight_smile: so yes, deposit is a good way to start but currently as you’ve mentioned the remaining amount should be paid in person. we are working on allowing to pay the other payments online but I can’t commit to timeline :confused:


Would love this #featurerequest !

When booking online, it would be great if clients had the option to:

  1. Pay their deposit (ie to reserve their spot) or pay in full.

  2. Or pay a minimum amount (ie the deposit) or higher. eg. Let’s say the service is $295. In order to book or “reserve their spot” they have to pay the minimum, which is a $50 deposit (which in this scenario would also be non-refundable). But they can pay up to $295.

  3. THEN, the client has the option to pay their balance in person OR pay the balance from their members dashboard. Let’s say under the “My Bookings” or “My Payments” tab.

Hey there, @fordcreatv , great requests. I’ve relayed them to the WixBookings team and we’ll be in touch when there are exciting developments to share :slight_smile:

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@marab Awesome! Thanks so much!