Wix changes API and breaks our store!

Our store has a custom API integration to deliver our products and yesterday it all broke, after a few hours of hair-pulling, lost sales and developer costs we find out that EditorX/Wix decided to change their API from ‘Corvid’ to ‘Velo’ without any warnings or announcement whatsoever.

All major platforms such as Squarespace and Shopify always make sure that major changes like this are backwards compatible, but we are seeing a pattern where Wix does this sort of thing regularly without caring about the clients that use them and the many people’s livelihood depends on with sales via their platform.

EditorX/Wix team, please don’t keep doing this, as painful as it might be, we are seriously considering switching platforms now and will give fair warning to everybody we know if this happens again.

No support-team here in this forum for such situations? Bad!