Wix-data library has critical error

wix-data library query with eq() not working.

wix-data library (Working with Wix Data)

What are you trying to achieve:
Retrieving data from CMS in real time through the wix-data library

What have you already tried:
It was working normally before. Since 3-4 days ago, find() using eq() suddenly fails to retrieve data.

Additional information:
In cms, the find() function is properly performed on the value of a column with English letters through eq(). However, if you specify data in Korean rather than English characters, the data cannot be imported.

For example, in my code below:

wixData.query().eq(‘column_id’, ‘english_word’).find(); // this code work well

wixData.query().eq(‘column_id’, ‘한글단어’).find(); // this code doesn’t work.

Hi user2463! I also recently experienced a similar issue. What I learned from that is that, in programming, using ASCII characters is the most reliable way to avoid mistakes. I’m not sure about the specific reasons why a query might fail with Korean characters, but it could be related to encoding issues. These kinds of problems might not be resolved in this forum, so it might be a good idea to contact support.

Thank you for reporting I will share internally but the best place to report this is customer care: Contact Wix

Just confirming that this was fixed a few days ago. Let me know if you encounter it again!