Wix eCommerce Website Price

Several months ago, I thought I read that there was a price change for people starting an eCommerce website. However, I cannot find the information now. When I tried setting up one myself, the price was not what I thought was stated. Can someone clarify the pricing structure of an eCommerce websites for me?

just click upgrade on your ecommerce site and you will see the pricing.

Whenever I try to inquire about pricing, I am asked to pick one of the current websites.

None of those websites would be using the eCommerce platform I am inquiring about.

Therefore, I am unable to find out further information on my end.

Just create a new site using an ecommerce template. then see what the upgrade is.

Thank you for that suggestion, but I am not going to spend my time doing that.

I need to know how much it will cost first. I recall there being an announcement that Wix eCommerce sites were now free to start. Yet, that pricing does not appear when I look into it.

it just took 5 minutes to do…quicker than waiting for someone to tell you

Thank you for the guidance. I already did that after seeing that eCommerce websites were now free. That was right after the announcement was made. It was not free when I did that. Therefore, I am now asking for clarification about the proper pricing. I do not know if it is another problem with my account, if the prices changed again, or what is going on. Due to this, I also do not know what to tell potential customers.

@Viafique The initial building of an eCommerce site is free, but to launch the site and accept payments, you would need to purchase a premium plan. The eCommerce premium plans range from $27 to $159 depending on how basic or advanced you need the plan to be. Since the prices for premium plans may vary depending on geographic location, the best way to see your actual pricing is by pretending to upgrade a site (you can go through the steps and then just don’t complete payment).
Here is more information that may help:
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@pamela thank you for the explanation.