Pricing question

Is the price for Wix Coded websites the same as existing Wix Premium plans? Or does Wix Code have an additional cost?

Hi Scoobie,
As we are still in beta we don’t provide any pricing information at this time.
We are evaluating a few directions, and will provide more information as the product matures.

Stay Tuned!


Are Beta code sites effectively free until you decide then - ie. you can publish and connect to a domain etc?

At this time, pricing wise, wix-code sites behave exactly the same as standard sites.
I.e. free as long as you don’t require your own domain etc.

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That’s good as it gives time to learn the platform. Thanks.

Just a thought on pricing. Wix is incompatible with some advertising and affilate services because you can’t add code. These generally only need a small number of lines of javascript in the site header, which you can do on Squarespace and Wordpress for free. I wouldn’t want to end up paying extra for Wix Code just to add this sort of service.