WIX editor gone crazy

Code in all my pages is all of a sudden red-underlining code errors all over…pages that were good yesterday and haven’t been changed in-between. A few examples from many…:

    gardens = await wixData.query("scheduleNext4Weeks")
    .eq("_owner", wixUsers.currentUser.id)
    .eq("date", today)
    .ne("lastDone", today)

In the above code the “gardens” variable is marked as an error. When I hover over it I get this explanation:

Type 'WixDataQueryResult' is missing the following properties from type 'any[]': pop, push, concat, join, and 27 more.

After this query I have this line:


In this line items is underlined and hovering over it gives the following:

Property 'items' does not exist on type 'any[]'

Again, all of this was working yesterday. I have similar errors on pretty much all my pages.

FYI, this is true of all the sites I have currently in wix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If it’s working you should ignore the error indications.
It might be a problem with the editor error indications and not real errors.

Its very hard to write code when your IDE is throwing false errors all over the place. You can’t trust what true and what’s not. Am I the only one experiencing this? The fact that it started all of a sudden on all my wix sites makes me think its something that changed in WIX

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Just be patient —> U p d a t e
The good news → you have NEW coding functions.

Code-Autocomplete was improved

@allon-schamroth You’re not the only one. It’s a known problem that should be addressed.

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In my case code- Autocomplete is worse,
It takes longer to load,
It flips when i just click somewhere in my code,
The try-catch statement is gone in the autocompletion aswel

Ok, some bugs, which should be ckecked by wix.

OK, Good to know its known and being worked on…
Strange that I couldn’t find any message of it on the wix site but maybe I missed it…
Stranger still is that I called Wix support and the guy told me they hadn’t heard about this from anywhere else…
O well.


This issue was reported today (before you brought it up), so no wonder you haven’t found anything written about it.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue. We are looking into it and will report back once we have an update.

I’m experiencing several new errors in my code too, yet the code still seems to run the same way as when I wrote it before the error.

Seems to be an issue associated with the UI update? Will wait for patches and see if it persists.

You don’t have to change anything on your CODE. Everything works like before. Just the auto-code-correction has some bugs, since an update has been done.
Just wait some time and it will turn back to normality.

we all have these failures right now.

…which can be ignored!

@russian-dima Thanks for clarifying, hopefully the false errors will be cleared soon.

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I hope it too. And i hope this will also be fixed soon, as Kristof mentioned, i have the same performance-issues while coding now.

Same for me… Follow

I’ve referred this to QA for evaluation.

@allon-schamroth , @russian-dima , @volkaertskristof , @admin86183 and @osnat_po thank you for your feedback.

I paused a new release to the code completion mechanism.
This new release provides better hints regarding the code and should improve your productivity while coding. However, with your feedback we found issues related to the performance of flow. We will fix those and roll it out again.

Thanks. And good job. I like the NEW code-autocomplete mechanism, which i was already looking for.

@russian-dima could you please share a link to a site with the error of string concatenation when selecting an element using $w.

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The shown error can be found here …

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