Wix editor tools not loading

anyone else had this issue where the blog, booking, database tools etc. won’t load? Wix haven’t given me any solutions after a week trying to contacting them and I’m going nuts trying to figure out why they won’t load. I have a 404 error in the developers’ tools.

Hey, Mariona.

Please try to go through the Wix Technical Assistant . If the issue remains, you would be better suited going through Wix Support https://support.wix.com/en/article/contacting-wix-support as I assume this is not a code issue.

Just provide them with all the relevant information regarding it (a screenshot/video, how to recreate it step-by-step, refer to the previous tickets, mention if you made any changes on the site before it happened, etc).

I hope it will be resolved in no time.

Your issue is not code related and should therefore be directed to Wix Support.

If you have no joy with the ticket support, then I suggest that you phone and speak to them directly.

As for your issue, have you simply tried just closing your browser and clearing all cookies/cache, checking through another web browser, etc.