Wix Events - Group/team Tickets

We are hosting a large event with motivational speakers that will be ticketed through Wix Events, the event coordinator is wanting us to offer a “team ticket” or “group ticket” option. Where their ticket will be a special price if they buy 8 or more tickets, they also need to be able to print out 8 individual paper tickets to scan into the event, since its impossible for every employee of a company to all show up at the same time? Very stuck on how to resolve this. Looks like its been an issue for a few years now.

I have already tried having a single ticket that is worth 8 admissions. But that wont work because there will only be one QR code generated for the ticket. Once one employee shows up and scans, it will show the ticket has already been used for the rest of the company when they show up. Is there a way to make this work? or will Wix need to implement something here?