Wix Forms velo api no longer work

Wix Forms velo api is called in api docs “old forms app” and dosen’t work anymore, the Working with forms page still direct to there and giving " The page isn’t redirecting properly" back to the old syntax

Wix Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
I have a website i need to publish to production in less then a week and all my backend is built using the wix forms (now known as old forms app) api

What have you already tried:
I have tried reading as deeply as i can the docs and trying to find maybe an alternative syntax to work with wix forms but i found nothing, every link redirect me to the old syntax(that no longer works) or just cant load the page because it cant find it

Additional information:
the website and code worked perfectly two days ago while i was still coding with the latest docs,

I would really appreciate help as soon as possible,

the error that shows up in the website logs:

"TypeError: $w(…).onWixFormSubmit is not a function @wixBundeler(cant put links here)/f29b33e3-3110-4d2e-b2a7-8d4c87e16841/ff12f640-fea6-4ecd-abe6-2fb95d1bc334/c40d9911-fafa-4ec1-9c30-f02d682be9d2/pages/i47cg.js?analyze-imported-namespaces=true&init-platform-api-provider=true&get-app-def-id-from-package-name=false&disable-yarn-pnp-mode=false&bundler-traffic-to-aws=false&bundler-typescript-analysis=true&dependencies-token=-321201382&cache-buster=cachebuster2:1:1507 @wixBundeler(cant put links here)/f29b33e3-3110-4d2e-b2a7-8d4c87e16841/ff12f640-fea6-4ecd-abe6-2fb95d1bc334/c40d9911-fafa-4ec1-9c30-f02d682be9d2/pages/i47cg.js?analyze-imported-namespaces=true&init-platform-api-provider=true&get-app-def-id-from-package-name=false&disable-yarn-pnp-mode=false&bundler-traffic-to-aws=false&bundler-typescript-analysis=true&dependencies-token=-321201382&cache-buster=cachebuster2:1:1512 s@mywebsite/_partials/wix-thunderbolt/dist/clientWorker.6cfbd5c3.bundle.min.js:6:267097 loadModule@mywebsite/_partials/wix-thunderbolt/dist/clientWorker.6cfbd5c3.bundle.min.js:6:268006 "

You can use the SPI available in v2 of the wix forms library: Form Submission Introduction | VELO

Hi Anthony, thanks for the respond,
Currently I see the SPI can only validate submissions, and not the SPI or the Events in WixFormsV2 give me the control needed like onWixFormSubmit, and onWixFormSubmitted, isnt there a way to get back to a stable version of velo or fixing this bug?
a couple hours after the problem occurs the website came back to life and worked as usually but the second there are 2 or more submissions at the same time it fails again and just every piece of velo code there is in the website isnt responding.

In that case I would say the best place to report this is customer care: Contact Wix

Also can you share the code and an example input? Perhaps there is something else going out. But definitely reach out to customer care in the interim.