(WiX forum) Adding Category Menu and Sort Menu instead of Default Dropdown Menus+(listing members)

I want to change to menu designs from

to something like this

I know nothing about WiX coding. I hope I can do this. I am trying to find out what all I have to learn to make this possible.

If anyone knows how to proceed please assist. What all do I have to learn inorder to make this simple change.

Listing Members is Optional. But I would be glad if I could find guidance for these 3 things :blush:

I just need to get started. But I dont know from where

Coding with Wix-Velo you will need to know about JS (JavaScript)
80-90% is about JS
+a little bit of HTML & CSS

Where to start?

  1. Reading Velo-Posts and reconstructing exampls (on my opinion) is the best learning method → learning by doing!

  2. You also can buy a book about JS, but (on my opinion) not the best learning method).

  3. Find online-Tutorials and examples → good!

  4. Engage someone who will teach you JS, perhaps the best and fastest way of learning, but surely not the cheapest one.

As you can see, there are tons of different learning ways.

  1. At least you also have YouTube.