Wix Forum - Functionality Questions

Hey hey! I have a few questions on functionality with the #WixForum

1. Is it possible to up vote? I haven’t seen anywhere that it is.

2 . Upload attachments (doc, vid, pic) that can then be downloaded by others?

3. Add emojis? I know it’s not an integration now…I know it can be done with copy paste. Is there another way?

If these aren’t already possible/have a work around, I’m curious to know if they are on the horizon :slight_smile:

1: no, but there is “Best Answer”
2: No - you can link though, but not actually download.
3: No emojis :frowning:

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Ok that’s what I thought with everything I researched and tested on my own. Wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing anything. Thank you!

With the Invite Code for the mobile app piece, is the code the same for everyone or does it generate a different one each time?

Ideally, I’d like to create a members page with info to download the Wix Mobile App and list the invite code. But If that code is unique for each person that obviously won’t work LOL

One last question LOL

Is it possible to give Forum members access to only specific topics/categories.

For Example in the Wix Dashboard, if I set up two Member Permissions 1. is Group A and the other is Group B - can Group A Members only have access to Forum categories I set as “Group A” access only?

I don’t believe this is an option, BUT wanted to double check. All I see in forum settings is either Everyone has access or Member’s have access (all members).

@raeanne This is not possible now, but please vote for it: https://support.wix.com/en/article/request-creating-categories-restricted-to-select-members-in-wix-forum

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