Wix Hotels or Rentals

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know when wix hotels will be released on Editor X?
Or does anyone know of a booking website that can integrate into Editor X? I saw that Futurestay doesn’t connect to editor X either.
Thank you

hello, @chdrone
at this point, Wix Hotels is under the development for Editor X, unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with the exact timeframes
In case you would like to track the release of this feature, you can Vote for it here:
as for your query regarding bookings websites integration, may I ask you for some details?
As I can see, you would like to use some Apps for Hotels bookings, not to book the class or appointment, correct.
Could you also share with us the list of Apps you would like to have integration with, so we will take a closer look?


Waiting for Wix hotels for way too long.
Is there a way to use Wix bookings as a method for booking rooms?

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this won’t be the best solution in case of room, availability tracking
as for a workaround, you can embed HTML widget with third party hotels bookings, so the reservation will happen on their side but on the site you’ve built

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