Wix-HTTP functions

Hi there!
Recently I created a website using wix. I also want to create an APP to display the blog on my website. So what I want to display in my app is the post title, post content, post created date and author.
I know I need to use wix-HTTP functions to expose an API and write a get() in the backend.
but can someone give me any idea about how I should write the code for this?
Sorry I am new to all this coding and stuff, so I would appreaciate any help on this…
Thanks in advance

Hi There:

Please take a look at the tutorial here:

Before you get started I would recommend that you get familiar with what a REST API is and how to design one. There are lots of youTube videos that will help out here. Once you have a notion of what a REST API is then you should be able to understand how the get and post verbs work with the html function URL format.

Then take a look at the tutorial and once you have done that take a look at this post by Ysrael:

Thus presents a working example and shows you the code used to create a simple API.


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Woah… Thanks Steve. I’ll look into the videos and then try the tutorial… If I encounter any problems I hope you don’t mind me asking again?

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Hey Steve! I was able to get the data from the website in JSON format.
but the http-functions only work with the data stored in database. How should I get the data for blog? Blog data isn’t getting stored anywhere in site DB. It is dynamic page

What is the URL of your site Gautam?

If you use Wix Blog that is not enabled yet using Wix Code What I am aware of.

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@andreas-kviby Yes I am using Old Wix Blog. I thought as the Wix Event app is by default creating the Database, Wix Blog will also have it. So is there no way to automate the process of storing data from blog into a new DB? I meant as soon as I am writing/creating a new blog post the data should be stored in DB (I don’t have to type manually into DB)

Hi. At the moment I am using the free Wix website. The url is https://karishmagautam.wixsite.com/awareness/