Wix Invocie on the App

Wix introduced the ability to create invoices within the app which worked on day 1, since then there is no ability to send the invoice. I can create an invoice on the app but no option to send. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Hey @Yaz,

Can you elaborate on your issue? Send screenshot and specific scenario? Cause as you can see in the screenshot, send button appears in the drafted invoice screen and also under the ‘3 dots’ menu

I don’t see this SEND button

I have provided some more feedback TO Sheyla over Facebook messenger as wel as I found some other bugs in there too!

Hey, the send button will appear after you save the invoice as draft

I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app seems to be working but other issues still remain there. For e.g. in legal terms box, we can add more than 300 characters. Can this be looked into? Thanks

Sure. We are on it. Thanks a lot for the feedback

There is a problem again with the invoicing. As soon as I send it from mobile, few minutes later I get notification that the invoice has expired.

Hey Yaz,
Appreciate if you could send us an email with the exact scenario and screenshots to android@wix.com
It will help us troubleshoot the issue