WIX Partner Dashboard Ascend Tools

Done a little bit of research and couldn’t seem to find my answer.

I’ve unlocked the Ascend Business Tools for my Partner Dashboard, how is this different to the Ascend Tools that I have for my business website?

On my website, I am limited to set amount of email campaigns per month. There doesn’t appear to be a limit on my Partner Dashboard. Does that mean I can send an unlimited amount of email campaigns from my Partner Dashboard?

Just trying to work out if I should stick with the tools I have attached to my business website, or begin using the ones on the Partner Dashboard, or even both.

What’s your set up?

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The benefit is inside the partner dashboard it’s free, and built in. Including the ability to bill your clients. If you are in the marketplace it becomes even more convenient because leads will flow into your dashboard.

I hope this helps!

Thanks! That’s a real help.

I’ll still have to continue paying for the tools on my business website, to remove branding on the live chat and such.

Not in the marketplace yet, but I aim to be one day.

Do I have an unlimited amount of email campaigns on the dashboard?

Hi @noahlovell ,

I remember your insightful post from June 2021 where you mentioned the need for a definitive CRM for Wix Partners to better manage important details when we’re not being creative. Back then, we were hoping not just to have our branding on invoices and proposals but something more robust that allows us to connect our agency domain, ensuring all communication truly reflects our own brand, much like we have on our main agency or independent creative websites.

Fast forward to today, in June again, and it’s amazing to see how much progress has been made. Wix is a fantastic company, constantly evolving and giving us new tools. Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion to Community Manager of this incredible forum – I never miss your Roundups! With your new role comes great responsibility, and I was wondering if you could share any updates on the plans for billing tools, email marketing, and more within the marketplace for Partners.

Thank you for your time and attention, have a great day! :facepunch: