Wix Payments Slow Release: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Payout Schedule!

WOOOOAAAAAOOOOOWWWWWW! You heard RIGHT! This is a feature request from the community and the Wix Payments team has BUILT IT! WOOOO! Huge thanks to @ronro and the team for this amazing feature! This is currently in TESTING and being released slowly.

Now you and your clients can choose a payout cycle that suits your business best - Daily, weekly, or monthly. This is being opened gradually to all users (Excluding Brazil). Also, this payouts update includes many updates from a brand new Payouts Dashboard to help you reduce time for your first payout.

After your first transaction the payout will be available within 5 business days to a verified account. Moving forward, every time a product/service is purchased through Wix Payments Wix will process the transaction and send it to your bank account based on your cycle. Also - you can change the payout cycle whenever you like from the Wix Payments Account Settings and the changes take effect immediately. :slight_smile:


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Why Brazil is excluded? This is perfect for our Market :cold_sweat:

This is in a gradual release for now. It’s new, so not to worry! I’ll let @ronro answer the hard questions! :slight_smile:

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Hi Sal,

Thank you for your question.
Currently, in Brazil, we provide weekly automatic payouts with no cost to the merchant.
Also, once the funds are available for payout, the merchant can access Wix dashboard and initiate payout manually.

An automatic daily payout is something we will consider to have in Brazil in the future.


Is there anyway for Wix to send checks or partner with a processor like WePay? Working with a client who does not have access to bank account, so therefore cannot accept credit cards online (client is a department of a university).

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Not at this time - but this is great feedback, thanks Brett!

This is awesome! I had a few clients that didn’t want to use PayPal and looked at Wix, but didn’t like the payout. They were considering going to Shopify because they offer more processors, but I delayed the conversation…this gives me something to bring to the table.


Is a “Choose Amount” possible? #featurerequest (See dailyom.com courses for example)

Ohhh! No - I believe it’s just frequency and it will send the balance.

Is there a way to initiate payout manually instead of only automatic options?