Wix rendering engine issues when showing/hiding elements dynamically

When displaying UI elements ‘dynamically’ (e.g. based on the state of certain variables), the rendered results are sometimes not aligned with expectations. Sometimes it happens that a refresh of the page is required to actually generate the right view OR a refresh might even break the view. It goes so far that when console logging the elements’ hidden or collapsed status, it shows the expected values in the console while it is not rendered to the screen like that.

Has anyone experienced any issues like that?

I cannot easily create a minimal working example for this, since this is related to very specific cases. What I can do is provide an object that, once loaded into Google Chrome’s session storage, allows you to at least render the page in the right state. Next you could then take a look at my code - which is quite lengthy as I cannot just provide you with a minimal working example due to the multitude of scenarios.

Before sharing this, I just want to know whether other’s have experienced issues with the rendering engine.

Such an very specific case, were discussed just some hours/days ago… i will try to find the post for you, to see if you are describing the same issue…

EDIT: Here it is. Do you mean a similar situation/issue?

Thanks @russian-dima , but it doesn’t seem related. I’m really talking about rendering on load. I’ll make some videos as well.

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Yes, we have all experienced this at some point. I had images which would not render, boxes with input fields which, according to code/cosole.log would expand, but they did not, or sometimes after a couple of seconds, and on reload would. There are 2 rendering engines out there: Bolt and ThunderBolt (the latest, the default).
Sometimes it suddenly goes away, sometimes they suddenly pop up. The best thing you can do is make a video and send it to support and hope they can reproduce.

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