Wix site is slow as its loading everything together

Hi all, Is there a way I can show a loader page in between till the website is loaded so that my customers didnt run away seeing a blank page. I created a landing page with no header and footer, just one loading image in between. Then added location.to() to original home page. But the issue is this loading page is also showing the whole website al together instead of first showing loading image and then redirect. Can any one help on this?

Hey there
This shouldn’t be neccessary, I made some really large Wix sites with a lot of Wix Code behind and they still load under the pain limit. Read more at: https://support.wix.com/en/article/running-a-web-page-speed-test and also look at this Youtube video which helped me a lot actually and speeds up the pages a lot.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the information. May I know how much time it takes for your website to load? Thing is if we cna show something like loader then customers wont bounce. Am getting complaints at 6 sec load time page. Cause other online stores have load time of less than 3 sec which less than half of mine!

Hey, the page takes 1,75 secs to load and we had no complaints.

1.75s is too good! i hope the things you gave will work for us too. ours is an online store and taking a lot of time. Though I have already tried wix improvement and webpage test result but no help. Webpage test shows delay in First byte time which I cannot control as its the response time from wix. Any suggestion here?