Wix Stores Help Needed

Looking for some help with Store Settings!
1.) Can the “Enter Promo Code” line be removed from the Cart Page?

2.) Is there a way to offer “For Store Pick Up” AND a Delivery Option with a delivery fee? (this service would be fulfilled by the company, not a third-party service such as USPS or FedEx)


Hi there, this article will help you with inquiry #1.

As for inquiry #2, check out this article .

If the second article does not help, please contact our customer care team as they may have a solution.

Hi Steven, thanks for the help!
Any idea on how to change/resize the logo on the payment page?

Hi Kayla, glad I could help!

Refer to this article for logo customization options. I believe there’s an email you can reach out to at the bottom of that article if you have further questions related to logos. :slight_smile:

Got it! I knew exactly what I needed to do after I hit “Publish” :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help again!