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Hello everyone! I create a store, and I have such a question. I made a description of the goods, delivery prices and the region (in Russia), but I have a problem! I don’t know how to create a form in which the customer can fill in their details and delivery address. My site simply allows you to buy goods on the Internet and shows the price of the goods, but how can I get a client to write a form, choose a delivery region and order goods? In any case, I did not connect a payment system like PayPal, but I do not think so. Thank you very much! waiting for an answer!

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Everything goes like this

It says here that you need to connect payment methods. But there is no mention of delivery

Hi @seminvlad8925 ,

When you connect a payment option to your store you will be able to have the full checkout flow.

In the checkout flow you will have a form where the customer inputs their details including their address.

Please let us know if you have any questions.