Wix Studio Breakpoint and Preview Toolbar Disappearing

Anyone else having issues with their Wix Studio top toolbar disappearing when editing? Whenever I switch from the home page to another page, the top toolbar with the breakpoints options “moves up” a few pixels and is obscured to the point where I can’t use it. I’ve tried changing the zoom settings on my browser, and that still doesn’t work.

NOTE: I created a dummy site to test it, and it seems to only be happening when DEV MODE IS TURNED ON.


Video: https://jkimball.wixstudio.io/my-site-3/blank

Wix Studio Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
Impossible to edit any of my breakpoints other than the primary desktop view. Also can’t preview site or use any of the other functionality that’s part of the Wix Studio Editor top toolbar.

What have you already tried:
Restarting browser and computer, zooming browser in and out, multiple browsers, minimizing browser favorites toolbar, closing all Wix Studio Editor side panels. NOTHING WORKS!!

Hey @JessCK!

As you noted, it seems to only happen when the Velo IDE is open. From my experience, using the expand/collapse button at the top right of the IDE panel sometimes helps bring everything back into view.

That being said - I’m going to raise this with the team. I’d also recommend reporting the bug here.

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Thanks, Noah. The workaround I’m using now is clicking/dragging the edge of the canvas, which, for some reason, brings the Toolbar back. I’ll report the bug now.

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Hi @noahlovell ! Any update on this? I’m still using the workaround, but I haven’t heard anything regarding an actual solution for this. It also occurs even if I collapse the Velo IDE before trying to switch to another page. Are other developers having the same issue?

Just looped back with the team as I can still reproduce. Will keep you posted with where things get too