Wix Studio - In Person Events

Hey everyone! :wave:

The Wix Studio launch is underway, and I’m super excited to see you all sharing and learning together.

I’ve seen lots of you talking about the upcoming in-person training events, and I can’t wait to hear how much you enjoy them in a few weeks’ time :wink:.

The events are filling up fast with some cities already fully booked, so don’t forget to find a session that works for you. As of right now, there are still spaces available in New York, London, Tel Aviv and a few others. You’re not going to want to miss this incredible chance to learn Wix Studio alongside each other and some of the employees at Wix.

While you’re all in the mood for learning, now’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a few new skills using Velo. Whether it’s your first line of code or you have been writing JavaScript for years, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the sessions that are worth checking out:

  • Intro to Velo - Learning JavaScript and Velo but want to get deeper and more confident in your skills? We recommend Intro to Velo: extend your client site’s functionalities with code. This full-day workshop will explore the new WixIDE and introduce foundational JavaScript basics ending with a hands-on building session creating a full stack application on Wix Studio.

  • Intermediate - Past the intro stage and looking to get deeper? Consider Powering data-driven sites with CMS and Wix Data APIs. This workshop will start with best practices of setting up the CMS and explore where to use the no-code data solutions and when to customize with Wix Data.

  • Advanced - For the experienced Velo or JavaScript developer, take a look Build and sell apps with Blocks. The app marketplace is an incredible way to expand your business as a developer and this workshop will leave you with the tools and inspiration to package and sell your own apps.

When you sign up be sure to use the email associated with your Wix account. If you have any issues with signups, let me know and we will take care of it.

All the available workshops can be found here.

Once you’re all signed up, head on over to the Wix Studio Discord to connect with others attending in-person events :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, drop them below :point_down: