Wix Studio ligh boxes are a a perfect nightmare!

Serious problems with the ligh tbox in Wix Studio that did not exist in the previous regular WIX version.

When I try to create ligh boxes with the new Wix Studio, it is impossible to achieve the slightest precision between what I see in the editor and what I get in the final result. And every time I move something to try to adjust it in the editor, the result gets altered, buttons with texts get messed up, and they end up in positions completely different from the ones I chose in the editor… Unbelievable!

This happens for laptops, cell phones, and tablets. It’s a perfect nightmare to have to ‘guess’ a thousand times until it works.

Why not use the same system as the previous version in Wix Studio? The previous version had no problems, was easy to use, and even had many more template possibilities that one could use.