Wix Websites Sitemap Improvements

Good day everyone!

Starting today, our SEO team will begin to roll out the first of several planned improvements to Wix’s default sitemap configuration.

To learn all about it, click the image below to read our recently published blog article highlighting all the details.

If you have questions for @adam-fainaru and the team, please leave them in the comments section below!


This is great, thanks @stevenjose !

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You’re welcome bud! Although @adam-fainaru is the real mastermind here. :slight_smile:

Will dynamic pages be included? Currently, my sitemaps don’t show any dynamic pages.

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Good question Patrick! Maybe @adam-fainaru can tell you =)

Hey Patrick,

Dynamic pages should be included in the existing structure and in the new one.
In general, all pages currently included in the sitemap will be included in the new sitemap as well.

If the dynamic pages on your site are not included in the sitemap, I recommend opening a ticket with support as it maybe an issue with your site.


Hi, I’ve opened several since dynamic pages were introduced. Just sent another ticket last week or so. Still waiting for some type of response. Unfortunately, no dynamic pages have shown up on my sitemap. I guess I’ll keep waiting for a response.

I like it but in all documentation I find it is said/assumed that the sitemap will be create automatically. What to do if that is not the case? I can’t find any informatoin or help about. https://www.justbecausedigital.io/sitemap.xml

Will event details pages be added to the sitemaps anytime soon?

Any update on when the events app will be on the sitemap?

Really struggling to get Google to read and display events from /event-pages-sitemap.xml as there are no details within the xml file :confused:

Any idea how to flush the events from the site into the events sitemap?