WixPayBackend Failing


Starting this morning, the wixPayBackend.createPayment method is not working anywhere on our site. I am seeing the following response message in our site logs:

“[“WixPayBackend.createPayment: can’t create payment, details:\ninvalid response status”]”

I have confirmed that the paymentInfo object is correct and that the total amount matches the sum of the item’s amounts. Nothing has changed on our site, and this issue is preventing all payments from being created. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I’m getting the exact same error, under similar circumstances (no site changes). Possibly an issue with Wix?

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@russian-dima Thanks for the link, seems like this is happening to several users across several backend modules

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Hi @admin30811 ,
This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if you continue to see any errors. Thanks!

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