Workaround to create Forum member rankings/status levels?

Hey all! One thing I really want for my site is the ability to designate different status levels to forum members, and ideally also let them accrue points/status for their participation, sort of Reddit-style. I know that rankings are a pending feature request, but has anyone figured out an add-on or workaround to make this work now? :slight_smile:

Does this help you?

I would create a members data collection if you don’t already have one and add a column that you can use to accumulate points and perhaps another one that you can use to assign a ranking to.

Thanks for your reply, stcroppe! Hmm, I’m not sure I follow – how would that system count Reddit-style participation (or stats like this forum itself counts, with #s of posts, top posts, etc.)?

What I’d most like is to have a way to show each member’s status in the forum posts, along with their usernames, either as a color code, an icon, or a verbal tag (like “Top Contributor”, e.g.). Is there a way to do that?

OK I think I got the wrong end of the stick. You want to get data from the Wix Forum information and generate these attributes right? Adding the link to your site or the page you want help with might help.

Yes, I’d like to either be able to do that, or at least to display a label that I create manually next to the forum poster’s username in posts. This would be equally applicable on any Wix Forum.

Hi guys,
I’ve forwarded your feedback to the relevant department. For further questions / feedback about the Wix Forum product, please post it here .