Worked as a team in Editor X

We are two web developers using the new Editor X.
In the old version, we used the “Copying and Pasting a Page to Another Site” feature to work at the same time.

I see this feature is unavailable in the new version.
Any ideas?



I am Sebi from the Editor X Product Team.
We love your idea for working as a team and you contacting us with your suggestion.

We definitely understand that many agencies require working on the site at the same time to meet deadlines and we are working on some tools to help with this.

We will share more updates in the future that will help with your workflow.

Please continue sharing your needs and ideas with the rest of the community, this was extremly helpful!

Hi Sebi,
Thanks for your quick response.

If you or someone else in the community have good practice to share, we would love to hear.
By now, I think we have no choice but to work on the UI in Editor X, one person at the time. The coding part is simulating because copy-paste code lines are easy.