Zapier + Automations

I just noticed that we can now connect to Zapier. However, I followed the instructions in this article but could not find the 3rd part app in my automations. Is there a reason for that?

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I just tried this as well. :frowning:

Hoping they get this figured out, I donā€™t see it in mine either

Hey Evan, in order to connect your Wix Automations to third-party apps, you must first enable Corvid. Did you enable?

@annahelise Yes I did enable corvid, it brings me to the corvid editor. However i cannot find instructions after that to complete the process. It just looks like a different version of the editor to me

@mdcrsolutions Where are you from?

@annahelise Gulf Coast of Florida

@mdcrsolutions So we suggest you to schedule a call with our support team so they go over the steps with you. Let us know how it went =)