Zapier Triggers and Action for Wix Code

I am a regular user of Zapier and the power that Zapier gives non-programmers as well as coders is just awesome.

I would love if Wix could add Triggers and Actions with Native support for Zapier, it would blow peoples mind if the below could be done…


  • Users

    • When a user logs into my Site
    • When a new user is registered
    • When a new user is approved
  • Data Collection

    • When a new record is created
    • When a record is updated
    • When a record i deleted


  • Users

    • Create a new user
    • Approve a pending site member request
    • Remove a user
  • Data Collection

    • Insert a new records
    • Update an existing record
    • Delete a record

Just imagine if you go to Zapier, Add Wix in your Zap and choose Trigger “When a new record is created” and it will list the Data Collections you have and then you will get that newly inserted record into your Zap and you can work with the data and then send that to any system within the Zapier Platform or hook up an Action in Wix like “Update an existing record”, search for the record, use data from the inserted one and update this one with that.

You can work with and create very advanced integrations and workflow with very little coding experience.


Hi Andreas,

I note that you say “native” support for zapier and there is no import like:

import wixZapier from ‘wix-zapier’

but you can send any request with http-fetch library to a zapier webhook rule you created… Is that your use case?

The only issue I would see is if you need to make a zapier rule talk to your wix website as I have not been able to implement API calls to a wix backend yet, i.e., not even the plain vanilla code example that wix provides.

I have more than 10 Wix Code Sites already taking both to Zapier and recieves communication from Zapier to backend modules using http-functions modules. But this requires coding by the Wix user.

If you could go into Zapier and choose Wix as you can with Google Mail and others that would open this features to more of non-coders and open their possabilities to use this platform together with thousands of others in an easier way.


That’s never going to happen lol! I’m a Zapiernuser myself but most of the people don’t like Zapier, idk why, and I’m sure that’s the case with the Wix Code team, they’re simply not intereste. For now continue using webhoks

I don’t believe Wix Code team is not simply interested in Zapier. Why shouldn’t they, more than 1,000 systems will be included in the Wix Code family if they did. I just think that they have so much to do that has a priority that is much higher than this so there is simply no time to do it.

Wix Code team is interested in everything that will help the growth of the platform and make happy users.


I too am a big Zapier user, integrating a bunch of 3rd party apps (mailparser I/O, Google Sheets, MailChimp, HubSpot, Acuity Scheduling and others. Native support, as described by Andreas, for Zapier in Wix would be huge for me.

However, I fear others here might be correct, Wix won’t do it. It would cannibalize Wix’s own apps that they get revenue from (e-commerce store, online scheduling, mailing, etc.).

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Just to let you know that we are working on an integration between Wix Automations and Zapier. The way we designed it is that the trigger for the Zap needs to be active automation on Wix Automations (we will improve on that as we go).

So, if you’d like to check it out yourself, go to Automations (under the Customer Management section on the dashboard side-menu) and create new automation. You can choose a custom form as the trigger (a form created using Wix Code and connected to a form submission dataset). As an action choose whatever you want (“notify me by email” is the most harmless), and set the timing to “immediately.”

Click here to accept the invitation to our closed beta on Zapier:

Now, create a new Zap:
Search for Wix, and choose Wix Automations.
Continue according to the regular flow for creating a Zap (you can skip the tests Zapier is suggesting along the way).

You should know what to do from here.
Let me know if you have any issues, here or at


It says Zapier is having trouble loading the automation data using Wix Automation 1.0.1 using 1.0.0 it doesn’t let you connect the Zap to anything.

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@brettfranklin2 Just got same error on April 22nd. Has not been fixed

Any progress on this? I just tried to set it up and am having issues. It’s not loading automation data, and I don’t see anywhere to “Connect to Third Party Apps” as an action when creating a new automation. Hopefully a new release is coming soon!

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@brettfranklin2 Getting the same error

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@smarty713 Did you hear anything back? I am getting the same error.

@ariasweb I haven’t heard anything about it. Hopefully, this can be fixed soon.

Hi there,

Wix Automations in now integrated with Zapier!
Zapier allows you to connect your Wix Automations to more than 100 apps, such as Slack or Google Docs, or your Gmail account.

Here’s how to get started:
Go to your Automations Dashboard.
Click + New Automation.
Click the title to give your automation a name.
Select a trigger.
Click Connect to Third-Party Apps.
Choose a time for your automation.
Click Activate.

Log in to your Zapier account.
Click Make a Zap!
Search for “Wix Automations” under Choose a Trigger App.Select Wix Automations.
Click Save + Continue.
Click Connect an Account and select your Wix site.
Click Allow and Install.
Click Save + Continue.
Select the automation you want to connect to Zapier.Click Continue.
And you Automation is integrated with Zapier!

Check out this article for more info -

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