A Few New Bugs

2 quick bugs I’ve noticed:

  1. Certain dynamic pages in editor refuse to open (without a fight). You click on the page and after a few seconds of trying to load the page as normal it’ll throw you back to the (All) page above it. I haven’t found a rhyme or reason as to why it’ll eventually stick on the page you actually clicked on, but after fighting with it multiple times it will stay on the correct page. I seem to recall this problem occurring on the odd occasion even on the old editor, it just seems to come and go I suppose, can’t really pinpoint it any more clearly than that.

  2. Today I noticed certain areas of header menu items became unclickable on different live pages with seemingly no reason. I had no idea what was causing this until I noticed in the editor the unclickable regions on different pages seemed to line up with where the dataset icon widgets happened to be, so if they were covering the last few letters of a menu option that would be an unclickable region on that specific page on the live site… bizarre! Seemed unlikely that could be possible but as soon as I moved them away from the header menu on any page with the issue and published again everything was fine and clickable…

This brings me to a point I’ve mentioned before, but surely it’s time to get rid of these frustrating dataset icons? Change them into a “Dataset Sidebar” instead perhaps? Or at least make it possible to hide the icons in the “view” options just like the “code properties” widget. They are constantly disruptive and outdated and now they have even escaped the irritation of the editor to cause havoc in the real world of live sites! :stuck_out_tongue: