A Pixar Fan site

Check out my Pixar fan creation. Feel free to comment any ideas.


Nice one @jeffreygillespie18 - I liked that fact that you integrated our forum and shop products within your site! Nice work :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your comments. It took a while and I had to work out a few things too for example-

  • To get round the 100 page limit - This was a challenge so I just used a blog then made menu pages

  • The film information page was also complicated as pixar is ever growing and I just didn’t want to link to a blog - So I made a custom nav bar that scrolls to various sections in order to give the posters pride of place.

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I absolutely love the fact that you found workarounds to get your work done, and above all, shared them here, so others can benefit from it.

Thanks for doing this! Would love to learn more from your future designs/website updates. Hope other members are finding these quick hacks helpful!

Yeah, finding the hacks is what takes the most time but there’s always a way around it.

Heres another page I made - https://www.thepointlessjourney.com