My Website Portfolio

I have created my own website in Editor X. Just sharing it for inspirational. Here is the link [](



Thanks for sharing @marsmaagad ! Great job :slight_smile:

Could you share more about your build process? What was the most fun part of doing this project?

very cool with all the animations @marsmaagad definitely making me think about making our site bit more interactive…

well done! :hatched_chick:

Hi Mars, great site. Just a quick FYI. You don’t seem to be able to go to navigate out of the Pricing Page. Menu links are not working. Rgds B

May I ask you how did you put “the animated number counter” in there, please? @marsmaagad

Hey @lukaskrivanec , not sure if Mars used the same but Elfsight has a feature like this that you can embed on the site.

Great work! Very nice with the sticky pages that overlap each other!

Fantastic job! Excellent use of overlapping sticky pages! @ mini crossword


Nice that the pages are stuck together and overlap. @ drift hunters

Love the sticky pages and the overlaps ~
drift hunters