AI chat bot: Will Wix ever implement an AI chat bot?

Will Wix ever implement an AI chatbot? It would be nice to have an AI help someone visit the site and help them look for what they want and also tell them about discounts or even compare the benefits of two or more products on our site. Right now, there are 3rd party companies offering this but I’d like to keep things within the Wix ecosystem.

@wallyaime Seeing what I can find out! What 3rd party companies offer this? We’d love to do more research. Do you envision this for a site with stores products, services, events, etc.?

You can train chat gpt. Just enable the reloading of previous conversations. I was just given inctructions via email from someone on your team (mary?) for a possible embedding i havent tried yet will tonight.
As far as 3rd parties. I have someone that provides the service to 54,000 companies currently. Message me if you’d like the CEOs contact information.