Am I able to allow only plan holders to post to a forum, while all members can view the posts?

I’m new here and not sure if I came to the right place to ask this question. I am wondering if it’s possible to allow only members of my site who are plan-holders to be able to post to a forum while still allowing all members (including those who are not subscribed to a plan) to view the posts, just not make posts themselves? I’ve been searching all over Wix for the answer and can’t seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This is the only route I am aware of without doing a fully custom solution. See if it will work for your use case

Thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately I don’t think this route is an option as it only allows posts that have been made by plan holders to create and view posts in a private category but doesn’t allow non paying members to view the content. Unless I am missing something but I did try to get it to work this way with no luck. What would a fully custom solution look like? Is there an option to pay to have that done and if so do you know what the details of that would be? Sorry if I’m asking too much. I appreciate the help so much!

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If you are looking to hire a developer to create a custom solution for you, you can cehck in the marketplace or are welcome to post your jobs inquiry in the devs discord community in the jobs channel

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Okay great, thank you so much for your help!