Forum Posting Permission

Due to some limitations on the Wix Forum App, I want someone can help by advising me on how to set forum permission to allow all the login members to only can see one category posts, but can’t post or comment
On another side only selected members or subscribed members can post in this category

I can see 3 options on the Wix Forum app under " Who can access this category?"

  • Everyone
  • Logged-in members
  • Selected members

If I select Logged-in members and that is what I am looking for, I found that there is no option to allow/not allow members to comment

I can see 2 options on the Wix Forum app under " Who can post in this category?"

  • Everyone with access.
  • Admins and moderators only.

If I select Everyone with access, all the Logged-in members will be allowed to post under this category, and if I select Admins and moderators only, only I and the moderators can post under this category

So how I can allow specific members to post in this category??

Also there are other problems with monetizing categories, I would like to get paid to allow members to post under specific categories "Such as promoting their business or products, and of course, we need everyone to see those posts. but what is happening when I monetize the category, is the category will become private and only payers can see the posts !!! How come?

Is there any code that can solve this problem

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