Any way to add links into CMS-linked repeater?

How can I add links to other static pages from repeater items that contain dynamic data? I’m using Wix Studio Editor.

I have a repeater on static page, that displays texts from a CMS collection. I planned to use the image hack to add a link to repeater item, but seems that it doesn’t work with dynamic repeaters?! I actually can add an image and a link, but it won’t let override the link (nor image). In static repeater overrides work as expected.

Feeling really frustrated…

Seems to be similar issue here…

I don’t get that it’s 2023 and we can’t add a simple link to whatever element in Wix. Collecting votes, yeah thank you, Wix…


Can we clarify what you are trying to accomplish?

  • Your collection contains images, links, and other kinds of data.
  • You have a dynamic page system connected to this collection.
  • Your dynamic page contains a repeater that is also connected to this collection.
  • Your repeater contains an image that, when clicked on, will take Users to a link instead of magnifying the image.

Are these points correct? If so, then it is possible to have your image element in the repeater, or any element for that matter, send Users to a link when clicked.

  • My collection contains plain text fields.
  • No dynamic pages. Because each page have its own unique table that would be overkill to manage via CMS.
  • Each static page has a dynamic repeater connected to collection via different datasets.
  • Now I just need to link each repeater item to another static details page. Static repeater items can contain different links, but my dynamic ones can not. Yes, it would be ok, if I had dynamic pages, but because of different tables I do not have them. If I could detach the table from dynamic page I would use dynamic pages but there is no such option in Wix as I know.

Please show your code and a picture of one of your collections, if possible.

would a simple workaround work? can you cover the image etc. with a transparent button that links to wherever you want?

Ok, I took the path to manually add my static pages’ URLs to a CMS collection, then connected the field to an image in repeater and now the repeater links work, every repeater item has its own link. Kind of semi-dynamic solution with a manual touch made in visual editor :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

It’s 2024 now and it’s still happening.