Applying a site-wide filter to your website

Hi Wix Community,

I hope that you might be able to help/point me in the right direction. I’m creating a Wix site for my Travel Agency and want to apply a filter that my clients can use to search throughout all the properties on my website. I ideally want to pin it to my header in a format such as:

Area dropdown (i.e. Africa/Bahamas etc.) | Country dropdown (i.e. Italy/Botswana etc.) | Holiday type dropdown (i.e. Honeymoon/safari etc.) |

I then want users to be able to hit search and this pull through to a search page with these filters applied, and then the clients are able to filter this further in the left hand side, i.e. tick honeymoon and beach break, tick family-friendly and all-inclusive etc.

I’ve looked at:

Is the best way to create database?

It seems like you can have one page with all the properties loaded for example then use the drop-down filters but not a pinned search to the header or top of each web page which then gives you the ability to filter results (like you might have on the Wix Shop area for example).

Can anyone advise what might be best?