Auto Slider in Layouter

Hello, I am using Layouter for slides, it works well, the only thing which is not possible is the auto slider, can someone help me with a code so that the slider of the layouter can auto slide it self after every 5 secs

Would be similar to this feature request.

As for a code option, Ronny shared a version on it in the Facebook forum:

Can someone post the code for this as a reply? I haven’t been approved on fb yet and trying to get this feature running. Thanks!

Here’s the code for it:
export function stateManager(item) {
let nextItem;
for (let i = 0; i < item.states.length; i++) {
if (item.states[i].id == {
if (i == item.states.length - 1) {
nextItem = item.states[0].id;
else {
nextItem = item.states[++i].id;
Then you just trigger stateManager($w(’ #statebox ')) to change slide.

here is the code from that post

Thank you, kindly!

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