Beta Unlocked: Data Presets

Wix Code has unlocked a new beta - Data Presets!

Our new Presets feature will save you a lot of time and effort. No need to set up a new database collection, add pages, and connect all of your elements. Just choose the type of content you want to add to your site, and we’ll take care of all the set up for you. To populate the preset with your content, just open the Data Manager and replace the text in the fields. Then publish and sync to see all of your content in the elements on the page.

@shay-wix has opened this for us - let’s discuss!


Amazing! This will make using Wix Code even easier.

Great feature!


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Very handy - Thanks…

Much :heart:for the team who made this possible! Love the UI and design in general and the guided steps and explanation. THANK YOU!

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love this looking forward to jumping into the some forms here would be cool too :slight_smile:

Hi @shay-wix , very cool and interesting new feature.

I have 2 questions about it :

  1. Will it be possible in the future to create our own custom preset model ?
  2. It would be awesome to connect this feature with the Wix App Builder in order to generate a widget and quickly the different pages, repeater, dynamic page, … linked to our widget. It’s something plan in a near future ?

Thanks in advance for you answers :slight_smile:

The answer for both of your question is one. At some point, we want to let users create presets using the App builder. However, it is not something in the near future. We plan to grow up App builder first.

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That is probably one of the first things we are going to add :slight_smile:

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@shay-wix , thanks a lot for your answer. So I look forward to see the growing up of the App Builder !

Hi! When I try to add the list database preset, it says “There’s a problem with this Preset. Please try again later.” Doesn’t seem to be working even after refreshing, clearing browser data, and logging in and out.

Yes we know we will fix it soon.
It is probably because you have or had a collection with the name “Items”.

@shay-wix Thanks! We don’t have one with that name and haven’t had one with then name Items.

The edit user post to allow front end submissions are still difficult and require a lot of js

And would make it way easier if you could take presets and change name to galleries from projects for example. I think adding a form, users submissions and edit pages into the 3 presets would make life so nice!

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Plus adding the collection tab to the wix app would make a world of difference

Do you mean the mobile app?

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Yeah that would be awesome. The thought of trying to explain the data manger and syncing to a client seems difficult