BETA Unlocked: New way to convert a static page to a dynamic page

Experience a seamless way to convert static pages into dynamic pages. This release will allow you to display more content from a collection using a single layout.

For example, a page that you’ve created for real estate listings or a page with recipes.

Using one dynamic page instead of many static pages allows you to edit faster and more efficiently.

Feature highlights:

  • Content from your static page is automatically stored in a new collection; no more copy/pasting!

  • Page elements will automatically connect to the collection fields

  • Update and create unlimited new pages from the Content Manager that will follow your design

This includes text, images, and galleries. You can always connect additional components after conversion.

For instructions on accessing this feature visit your Partner Dashboard or click here to be redirected.

As always, test it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! @royp and the team look forward to your feedback.


@royp I remember when we discussed this a little while ago, it was incredible then, but it’s even better when you actually get you’re hands on it!

Going to go test it now. (Are there any plans for other elements to be connected, such as HTML embed elements etc.)


We’re so excited to share it with you! We’ll definitely encompass more site elements moving forward (eager to hear which are most pressing for you). Note that in the meanwhile, following conversion you can still add/connect elements to the collection.

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Thank you for providing tools that help us focus on being productive and creative with our sites.

Great job Wix team, we appreciate your time.


Would love this to be available in South Africa soon :blush:

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Great Tool - Thanks Steven!

Hello Steven, we would like to have this feature in beta. We are not based in USA and we are not using English as main lenguage.

Now available to all partners in the beta program! Rock on, Belinda!

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Hi there! It should be available for you now. Keep in mind as this is a beta that the translation is not yet complete, and therefore you may still see English in the conversion panel. We hope it won’t take away from the experience and thank you for your understanding. Let us know what you think :slight_smile:

Does it work with stores?