Beta unlocked: Introducing AI Text Creator

GPT has now arrived to Wix! Introducing the AI Text Creator in the Wix Editor.

We are excited to announce Wix’s newest feature, AI Text Creator. The AI Text Creator is a customized version of the GPT model by OpenAI designed for website creation. No longer will website creators struggle with content in order to complete their sites.

The AI Text Creator is very user friendly— by entering a few inputs about the desired text, it creates custom content for the site.This feature can be used to create anything from catchy titles to detailed text. Now, it’s quicker and simpler than ever to complete building a website.

As this feature is in the testing phase, we would love to hear your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment below.

How to use AI Text Creator:

  1. Enter the Editor

  2. Click on any text component on the page

  3. Click on Create AI Text

  4. Fill the inputs

  5. Click on Create Text


  1. It is important to provide additional information under “What’s important to mention?” for more accurate results.

  2. We are continuously working to improve outputs, specifically for titles, and therefore there may be some inaccuracies.

  3. Saving ‘Business Type’ and ‘Business Name’ on every opening of the panel will be supported soon.


That’s awesome! :rocket:

This is incredible!


Incredible, Well Done!

When will this come to EditorX, and more importantly, the Blog?

So this is it…
Done: Wix and ChatGPT

Having tested the tool for 6 months, I am positively and negatively panicked about its possibilities. I already have 2 clients who have stopped buying content writing from me… others for whom I have been more successful thanks to the tool. But let’s face it, this ChatGPT AI will kill a lot of trades.

Coming back to Wix and Chat GPT, congratulations for this API, which for the moment is not worth creating live text with ChatGPT but which has the merit of working (and under Editor X too).

I imagine that one day the Wix ADI will be driven by Chat GPT and that it will take less than 10 minutes to create a site completely in its image… the revolution is underway


I think it’s awesome! I love the fact that it now incorporates keywords is fantastic!

This is big. Now, how about sneaking it into the blog editor?


@ozg What a fantastic announcement! As a Wix Legend Partner Agency, we are so excited to see the launch of the AI Text Creator. This innovative feature is a testament to the power of combining Wix website building knowledge with GPT, it will undoubtedly transform the speed and quality of website content creation and more. The personalised AI content creation experience provided by the AI Text Creator will give all Wix users a significant advantage in creating uniquely tailored content for their websites. We can say that the AI Text Creator is a true testament to the innovation and forward thinking nature of the Wix platform. Hope that all Wix users will see GPT integration soon in all Wix applications, especially Bookings, Online Store and Blog - Thank you.


Agreed! Awesome. My only feedback for now:

I often find the text suggestions way too long for web copy. I’ve worked directly with ChatGPT now at it always gives very long thorough answers, but I can respond back saying, eg. ‘great, please re-word this to be more brief or shorter’ etc

It would be great inside the editor, if we could somehow stipulate the length of text somehow, depending on the type of copy. Or ask for revisions?


Thanks for the feedback, this feature is in our road map we will update once released.