It’s OPEN - Jump in and show us your new buttons!

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So to start let me say this is a very welcome design tool. But since it is in beta, i encountered the following problem:
I have both a color palette and some custom colors in the site.
When I tried to create a gradient background and clicked on the slider circles, the palate window showed but not the custom colors.


Hi David! Thanks so much for taking the time to describe your problem.
This in indeed an issue the panel has in getting the custom user colors.
For now, I can offer this workaround - Open the Color Picker on an old button’s background color and add a new custom color there. All your custom colors should now appear in all the new panels’ Color Pickers.
Please let us now if that works for you, and we’ll be sure to let you know when this is fixed!

@talh97535 Thanks. I did figure out the work around.

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The button update is great but when it is fully released will it available on the menu bar as well or we will have to manually create the menu bar adding multiple buttons?


Hi all,
Noticed that Tool Tip is missing from the selection process. Is this something that will be implemented?

Chris Silvester

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Hi Chris! Could you clarify what you mean by “selection process”? Thank you!

Hi Konstantinos! Thank you for the kind words.
To be able to have all the design features these new beta buttons have in the menu bar, the Menu component will have to be re-written.
We are always thinking about what components are next in line - However, be sure that we’ll issue full updates on new components that are released and open to the new design features!

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Tal, another issue I have experienced is that selecting the font is a bit “gluggy”. When I try to select a font, see it in the list, and then move the cursor over the font name, the font list goes away.

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Hi Tal,
Sorry I mean, there is no where for a Tool Tip to be inserted from the new design panel. Is the Tool Tip function being expired?


Hi - Can’t see the “Select New Button (Beta)” option? Can someone hook me up… Thanks. G

thats great feature!!

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Thanks David. We do see a problem when clicking and dragging the side-scroll-bar in the font list. Can you confirm this is the same issue you have?

We’ll try to fix it and issue an update when we do.

In the meantime, scrolling this list via the arrow keys or the scroll wheel of the mouse should give more consistent results.

@chrisg-silvester because this button always has both text and an icon, it uses the Button text to be the same as the Tooltip / ALT text. We do this for simplicity’s sake, as in most cases they are the same.

In the cases where you only use it as an icon button (ie, hide the text using the design panel), we recommend you still have meaningful text in the text property, in order to allow screen-readers & SEO bots to map the button correctly.

This is the same issue.

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great design window, i love it!
there is a little Bug when i changing the character spacing - its overlapping the “em”

and the most missing feature is pin the design window like we can do for properties
please add that, pleassssse!


Hi Naimi! Thanks for the feedback! That area (overlapping units) is indeed a little sketchy - we’re working on fixing it.

About the second point - are you requesting that the design panel could be docked to a particular side (top / bottom / left / right) and not be floating?

It great to dock it. But also to pin it floating if you can.
Take the properties panel as example. You can close it and you can leave it opened.
And it change for every element you click on.

Its help when you working on design lots of elements.

מקווה שזה לא מסובך מידי

Hi everyone !
First of all, these new buttons design are really great so good job the Wix team.
I noticed a bug :
I tried to add one in a repeater but I can’t connect it to any datas, I click on the database icon but nothing happens.
Have a great day / evening ! :slight_smile:


I’ve got the same problem. (and actually it’s morning) :slight_smile: