Booking #feature request - calendar visibility

When we use bookings to allow 10-15 minute appointments, it’s nearly impossible to see the customers and times booked without clicking on each one. Please make the calender visible as a simple, scrollable list of times and customer names that can also be downloaded. This is what it looks like now. This is literally unworkable. We have to click on every single one to see who is coming when and can’t download a list to easily cross-reference with order numbers. There’s no way to expand.

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First of all, I’m sorry to hear you feel frustrated, I can completely understand your need.

We’re constantly working on improving the Booking Calendar and we are aware of this issue. I can’t commit to a timeline yet, but it’s on our plans.

In the meantime, maybe using the Agenda / Bookings Schedule on the Wix app can help? See attachment.


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Thank you for the update Ireen!

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