Breadcrumb links, product pages

What has happened? Our website is near to useless for people shopping without these links (gone since 12 Feb) and I’m told Wix has temporarily removed them in order to try and speed up websites. Surely they did not need to do this on live sites and the length of time the breadcrumbs have been absent is too long. I can’t find out when they will be reinstated. Any one got any more information please?


Product pages are a disaster at the moment. I didn’t notice anything until 15 Feb but there’s a lot wrong with them.

The breadcrumbs are gone
The next/previous buttons are gone
The browser back button doesn’t work

How are people meant to get off the product page with all of those things either missing or malfunctioning? It’s not a problem if you sell 1 item at a time but customers in my store add multiple different items to their cart in a single transaction.

For the last 2 weeks the product pages have, at random, not loaded the product. My 2nd most visited page each day has been the malformed product page (when a visitor ends up there google analytics shows them looking at www.[mysite]

Here’s some examples of the product page failing to load on different websites (I hit refresh on a correctly loaded product page):

External Media External Media External Media

I dread to think how much business I’ve lost.

As of right now I can’t get the product not found bug to occur so it might have been fixed? I can see from google analytics that someone found themselves on /untitled as recently as 1 hour ago so the bug might still be live.

I’m sorry this is nothing to do with wix code, but us wix stores users have nowhere to go to discuss problems or ideas. Code has a forum, Blogs have a community, us stores users have nothing (that I’m aware of).

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I am experiencing the same issues . I have been waiting for breadcrumbs and
The next/previous buttons to be restored to launch my site , it has been almost a month! this is ridiculous and very unprofessionnal.

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I don’t know what to do, my online store is not fit for purpose. It’s not just a hobby site for me, it’s my business. If I’d have known it was going to take weeks to resolve I’d have started to get another website made elsewhere. I wish I knew how long it was going to take to get it fixed, I’m getting desperate.

It looks like they rushed out wix turbo before it was ready to tie in with Captain Marvel and it broke a lot of things. I’d rather have a slow site that works than a fast site that doesn’t.

Their last communication to me on the 1st of March:

We apologize for the inconveniences caused by this matter. Yes, the developers are working on resolving this.

It’s not an inconvenience. It’s not a minor bug that goes unnoticed by customers. It’s a huge problem that is costing me money that’s been going on for weeks and for all I know it could be months before it’s fixed.

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For us too it’s not just an inconvenience, the breadcrumbs and back button etc. are essential to our website where we have multiple listings, we have lost sales. Customers are phoning and ordering this way because the website is now too cumbersome to use. Four tickets and one phone call later and still nothing re when it will be reinstated. Wix don’t care. I have started setting up a new website with Ionos and will switch over. They give you a personal consultant, not that I’ve contact him, but it has to be better than tickets that take at least two days to reply - more over the weekend (and we work weekends and websites are 24/7 so don’t you think it would be a good idea for Wix to be too?), over an hour wait on the phone. I can’t believe that more website owners are not being inconvenienced but can’t find any other postings on the problem.

sadly, same as all above for us too.

I have given up with Wix. Two phones calls, waiting times over an hour, then put on hold for ages. Tickets not answered properly, just rubbish replies. No timescale when we might expect breadcrumbs/buttons to be back. Could not manage to speak to anyone who knew anything. Would not give me the contact details for anyone higher up in the organisation. So I asked and have been given a refund for the remainder of the year I have paid for our e-shop. In no way does this compensate for lack of sales etc. but I can start again and not waste time chasing what I consider to be a hopeless situation, moving on.


After waiting for far too long for a resolution I took to twitter to publicly moan there

This morning I wake up to this email:

We have excluded you from the experiment that is causing the issue with Wix Stores until it is resolved and we will resume it for you after.
We apologize for inconveniences caused.

I’ve got breadcrumbs back, the back button works, and product pages are loading correctly.

I don’t know if they just did this for me or if they have done this for everyone. If you are still affected by these bugs ask wix to roll you back to an earlier version and they should take you off their “experiment”.

Well done! Glad to hear sorted for you.
I received notification yesterday the problem has been resolved but it only has partially for our website. We have listings of multiple items - ‘load more’ buttons and whilst the first batch works fine with breadcrumbs and back etc. buttons, any of the products that have been loaded subsequently (for us this is for item thirteen onwards) the breadcrumbs and back button still not working.

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And interesting that airing problems on Twitter has more results. Will remember that.

Hey guys, thanks for your responses. Everything seems ok for us now too, apart from the breadcrumb links sometimes say on mobile, ‘back to home’ and sometimes say ‘back to collection’. The same product page can display either of these messages, even within the same page load. Very weird behaviour. I think I’ll log a ticket (maybe twitter will be more effective though!) about this as it’s definitely not right. But at least my site is semi-navigable. Ha. Like it’s being captained by a drunken pirate, I’m just glad people aren’t getting get kicked overboard any longer!

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I have noticed certain conditions where the breadcrumbs still vanish too, but at least customers can use their browser back button to get out now. For weeks they’ve been trapped, held hostage by a broken product page.

Sarah, thanks for mentioning the “load more” button, that only comes up for my mobile users and I hadn’t thought to test that function yet.

I can’t believe they made us beta testers for an experiment and didn’t take us out of the experiment when we told them there were serious issues.