BUG - Padding/Margin missing (SOLUTION FOUND)

I have this strange issue and I don’t know how to fix this.

In the Edit- and Preview-Modus it looks great. But in the Published-Version the gapes between the boxes are gone. Why?

Anybody an idea what to do?

Now I am missing the CSS to give the Boxes some Padding around. :frowning:

Then I have this, and the text-box in the bottom is now moved up.

But I think I know what you maybe mean. Grouping in Wix is like creating a DIV in HTML

I thought that what you wanted. If you want the box to stay in the bottom, remove it from the group.

What I want is just some padding around those boxes.

I think it’s time for a Feature Request to Wix-Developer to have the ability to use CSS.

I really don’t understand. If you wanted to have these spaces why didn’t you do what Heath said (to make them hidden instead of collapsed)? then you had the spaces you wanted.
That’s why I didn’t understand what you want and thought you tried to get rid of the remaining spaces…

P.S I think most of this thread is us misunderstanding each other (my bad. It’s too late. time to sleep :slight_smile:

@jonatandor35 When it is hidden then the gapes are huge, because it takes the height-size of the dropdown-list.

@benibrodi really? Sounds strange. Is it different than the preview?

@jonatandor35 It is extrem different !

I have to zoom 50% out to capture this screenshot:

@benibrodi I see. Probably only the experts will be able to help.

Ladies and Gentlemen !

If you want to have gaps between your boxes, use “some more hidden boxes” and you have the solution you want, even if it is completely stupid.

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@jonatandor35 I found a solution that works so far.
Thank you very much for all your attention and help. :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem, with a stripe, there is no way to solve that using code, never thought something that simple solve my problem though, cheers mate.

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